Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Republicans Media Afraid of Fairness, Liberal side of Story?

My goal here is to uncover and point out the propaganda, branding, framing and positioning of the liberal progressive Democratic Party by those crazy Republicans.

Brad Friedman, at Brad Blog, posted the incredible video example of “beat it to death” framing.

I've posted the audio here. O’Reilly never let’s up, Juan Williams kicks a few media butts and Katherine Hamm of Townhall is more than happy to roll with the flow of spin. Fox News couldn’t resist their chance for unabashed battering of the recent National Conference for Media Reform in Minneapolis.

If anyone can keep count of the rapid succession of clichés, I would love to know the number. Enjoy.

Amy Goodman the host of "Democracy Now!,"had this to say:

The grass-roots movement for media reform is growing, and with mass layoffs in newspaper and broadcast newsrooms, critical elections, burgeoning military budgets and multiple wars and occupations, and with emergent and accessible digital-media tools and networks increasingly available to most people, there is no better time to join it.

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