Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Homeland Security’s 'Great Wall of Texas' Green Lighted By Supreme Court

According to Mikecheck.org, “The Supreme Court rejected a legal challenge to rein in Michael Chertoff and his decision to waive 30 federal laws while constructing the giant fence between the United States and Mexico.”

The irony is that Russ Knock, a spokesman for the Homeland Security Department, said, "The American people expect this department to enforce the rule of law at the border.

That’s funny, waving federal laws while insisting the American people expect Homeland security to enforce the rule of law.

For Republicans, choosing the laws you want to enforce is part of their God given freedoms.

One of the big issues for Republicans is to pass laws that can’t be challenged in court, bypassing the Constitution.
“In 2005, the Republican-led Congress gave Michael Chertoff the power to
ignore any law he felt stood in his way in building the border fence. To make
matters that much worse, Congress also took away the power of the Courts to
overturn any of Chertoff’s decisions. The Congressional Research Service said
this delegation of power was unprecedented.”

And because you get more freedom with money, the “Texas Observer showed the government is forcing low-income Americans to let them build giant steel fences through their properties, but is bypassing property owned by the Very Rich or Very Politically Connected.”

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