Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fox Traitors Blame America First, Hates Supreme Court

If you ever wanted to see a whinier bunch of sore losers, you’ll have to watch these sad propagandists complain that the Supreme Court decision on Gitmo prisoners rights, was the result of too many liberal Justices on the bench.

That of course suggests they would prefer a stacked court of conservative activist judges deciding law based on ideology. Right?

The Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes struck an unpatriotic note saying he was “a bit embarrassing as an American.” A defeatist war coward.

Charles Krauthhammer complained Gitmo prisoners have more rights than the Nazi’s. Hey, didn’t they have trials? More rights than an illegal alien. Wait a minute, are we at war with them, detaining them for 6 years in prisons with no charges. He raps up his diatribe with these traitorous words about our Supreme Court, “the arrogance of this decision was astonishing.”

Now that’s respect for U.S. law.

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