Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fox's Geraldo & Megyn Constitution Debate concludes, We're not Different from our Enemies

When I think of the U.S. Constitution, I think of one of the greatest documents ever written. A guiding list of laws that other countries would emulate.

It may sound crazy, but I always thought that each of us carried those rules of law with us everywhere, even out of the country. We're surprised when other governments lack our guaranteed protections. To have this almost perfect document and to say it stops at the shore line is unthinkable. If it's good for the people of this country, it should be good for everyone else.

But I'm just being naive and sappy. There are those who would not want others to feel it's power. It's ours, and you can't have it.

Fox News' America's Election HQ featured this lively, disconcerting debate. After Geraldo and Megyn Kelly each make their points, Megyn unintentionally (or was it) retorts to Geraldo's, "we are different from the enemy" by saying "Listen, I disagree with you, but you're right."

We aren't different from the enemy?

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