Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Bush Legacy Bus Rolls Into Town

Taking the old Firesign Theatre bit “I Think We’re all bozo’s on this bus” a step further, we can now see the bozo ON the bus, and his amazing accomplishments thanks to Americans United for Change and American Family Voices.

Watch out, conservatives... The Bush Legacy Bus is on the road!

The Bush Legacy Bus is a 45-foot, 28-ton high-tech and interactive museum on wheels, dedicated to holding President Bush and his conservative allies accountable for their disastrous policies from the past eight years.

Check out its new website to learn more about the Bush Legacy Bus and Tour:

Visitors to the Bush Legacy Bus will see how President Bush misled the American people into Iraq, stood idly by while Gulf Coast residents lost everything during Katrina, and allowed trickle-down economics to help the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. And that's only the beginning.

What's even more important, though, is that President Bush didn't "accomplish" this record on his own -- it took dozens and dozens of members in Congress to rubber-stamp his conservative agenda.

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