Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Honda’s Hydrogen Car debuts this Summer in California

While watching Countdown with Keith Olberman, an ad drifted by for Honda’s new hydrogen powered car. Curious, I went the Honda FCX Clarity’s web site, and after a quick introduction to this alien technology, decided to buy one. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money right now and I’d have to live in southern California, where they'll hit the showrooms this summer. Check out the “Fueling“ button and the information on the “Home Energy Station.” I cannot wait. The FCX Clarity is a “dedicated platform hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Honda has led the way in developing and improving fuel cell vehicle performance. The FCX Clarity was designed from the ground up to be a fuel cell vehicle that runs on electricity powered by hydrogen, and emits only water vapor and heat into the air.

Check out the web site.

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