Friday, June 20, 2008

Sky News Questions Bush, Reveals a Fake and Rogue President

One need only watch this interview to know, without any doubt, that President Bush has been fakin' it. This is an edited for time compilation of the best, most revealing blunt questions asked by any reporter. Unlike the shorter version containing different camera angles, this contains interviewer Adam Boulton's question about Prime Minister Gordon Browns accusation that Bush is responsible for the global economic crunch. Also, Bush seems completely unaware of the concept that each branch of government checks the other. For instance, in regards to the recent Supreme Court decision on Gitmo detainees:

Boulton argued:..But the Supreme Court just ruled against what you were doing.

Bush: Distict court didn't, and the appelate court didn't.

Boulton: But he Supreme Court is supreme isn't it?

Bush: It is, and I accept their decision. I don't's not what I was doing down there. This was a law passed by our U.S. Congress...

Boulton: It looked like an attempt to by pass the Constitution to some extent...

Bush: This is a law passed, Adam, we passed a law...We went to the Congress and got a peice of legislation passed.

Boulton: Which is now being struck down.

It seems Bush is blissfully unaware that laws must be Constitutional, not just "passed."

There's more too.

Sky News Political Editor Adam Boulton in London:

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