Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Concealed Guns on Campus’s

According to MSNBC, “As states and colleges across the country review their gun policies in light of the tragedy, many in Utah are proud to have the nation's only state law that expressly allows the carrying of concealed weapons at public colleges.”

You must be afraid, very afraid. That’s the mantra of the conservative extremists in our state capitals. With continual reinforcement, we’re reminded that law enforcement cannot help: "If government can't protect you, you should have the right to protect yourself," said Republican state Sen. Michael Waddoups. Utah has one of the most conservative state Legislatures, dominated by sealot Republicans, many of whom are bought and sold by the NRA’s version of the Second Amendment.

In Utah they like to point out that after a shooting massacre of nine people in a downtown shopping mall, the gunman was pinned down (a little late for the nine dead) by an officer who illegally had his gun with him, giving credence to their argument that concealed weapons prevent additional deaths. That’s right, those elected state lawmakers are pointing with pride at a “lawbreaker.”
"Thankfully that officer disobeyed the rule of Trolley
Square of having no guns," GOP state Rep. Curt Oda said.

Rep. Oda didn’t stop there spreading his “fear frame.” He said people bent on violence might resort to other, perhaps bloodier methods, such as swords. "A person that's got skill with a sword in a very big crowd could put a lot more people down with a sword than a gun. They're silent. You'll have people screaming, but nobody knows what's going on."

The intention by Oda and other “lawmakers” is to misdirect the conversation from guns, to knives, slingshots and poison spider like robots that attack you in your sleep.

A former best friend and born again conservative, carries a gun even though it’s against the law in Wisconsin. He thinks the law is wrong, so it’s OK to break it. We’re seeing a lot of that at the upper levels of government level as well.

Penn & Teller intentionally suggest in the following clip, that laws you don’t like NEED to be broken.

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