Monday, June 16, 2008

Republican Ideology, Denial and Convolution

After watching 5 video clips on a popular news web site, I noticed a frightening theme from the Republican talking heads. These ethically challenged droids don’t believe the country is in any real trouble financially. In fact, if you haven’t noticed, we’re on track for bigger and better things to come. Lord help us! In order...

Rep. John Boehner wants people to know Republicans have solutions, apparently for the problems they’ve created, and by cutting taxes “we have more people working, a healthier economy and more people paying taxes."

Rep. Boehner is blissfully ignorant of the administrations decision to have a bloated Homeland Security Department, and a war of choice in Iraq, draining taxpayer dollars into budgetary black hole. “If you look at the additional domestic spending…and a growing entitlement problem.” Take a wild guess where Republicans will cut spending? That’s right, on us.

Newt Gingrich denigrates our legal system, judges and the constitution in his usual intellectually biased way. Even though the justice system worked fine for the Trade Center terrorists in 1993, it doesn’t fit into their narrow agenda of convincing the American public that an activist conservative law is preferred over all others. You’ll notice too, that the Justices in the majority are now referred to as just “lawyers,” and you know how much we already hate them. And if that line of thinking doesn’t convince you, Newt’s got the closer: “This court decision is a disaster, which could cost us a city.”

George Will thinks we’re all better off today than we were in 2001.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal supports teaching “intelligent design” in public school science courses. Jindal says “I certainly want my kids to be exposed to the very best science…let them decide…you get find facts and data and test what’s come before…! What scientific test do they have for proving creationism?

Finally, Fred Thompson (actor), complains “at a time when all of our institutions are under attack in this country. Huh, at a time when the federal judiciary has been above that.” Excuse me, what party has been attacking the institutions of government for the last century? Who has politicized the justice department and Supreme Court bench?

These “political poison pills” are delusional. This video compilation I put together will make your brain hurt. Sorry.

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