Saturday, June 21, 2008

Abrams Stumped by Republican Talk Host "Ding Bat" Harris

What does it take to be a conservative talk radio host? A little idol worship and blissful ignorance.

Think I’m kidding? Dan Abrams was pointing out how John McCain had said on a few occasions that he had not been proud of his country, and getting no criticism for his comments, while Michelle Obama was lashed unmercifully for something she didn’t say.

From there, guest Reed Dickens, former Asst. White House Press Secretary tossed in the rediculous "people say" he’s an elitist, and talk show host Heidi Harris declares total allegiance to an infallible Republican candidate and Obama’s white grandmother. Incredibly, on the later issue, Harris never gets Abram's point.

Republican talk show hosts give radio a really bad name.

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