Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Religious Freedom for “No Jesus” or “Anti-Bible” License plate? Are you Kidding

Tom Teepen, a columnist for Cox Newspapers, wrote an interesting argument concerning the religious rights agenda to commingle Christianity with government:

South Carolina is on its way to issuing optional automobile license plates that declare “I Believe,” with illustrations of a cross and a stained glass window.South Carolina's lieutenant governor, Andre Bauer, a champion of the I Believe plates, says he's just a fan of free speech. Uh-huh. Try petitioning for a “God Sucks” license plate.

In Texas, the state Board of Education pressed to require that public-school science classes take a “strengths and weakness” approach to biology instruction. S-and-W is the latest dodgy version of “creationism,” which became “creation science,” which became “intelligent design.”

Is the strengths-and-weaknesses crowd clamoring for Texas to take the same approach to teaching the theory of gravity or atomic theory. Yes, the apple never fails to bonk Isaac Newton and if you set off an atomic bomb it is surely going to make one hellacious noise. Both phenomena, in science, are nonetheless still theories in the same way evolution is.

The idea is not only frustrating but so rediculous that it lends itself to humorous parody:

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