Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Republican's Political Poison: A Killer of Countries

Republicans are making this way to easy. I thought I would have to dissect obscure stories missed by the mainstream media and spend endless paragraphs explaining their devious intentions. Instead, government inspector generals are stealing my thunder, my blogs uniqueness and my only reason for living. Hey, why don’t you guys just start your own blog, huh!

So here’s the latest from the New York Times:

Justice Department officials over the last six years illegally used “political or ideological” factors to hire new lawyers into an elite recruitment program, tapping law school graduates with conservative credentials over those with liberal-sounding resumes.

The blistering report by the Justice Department’s inspector general…appeared to confirm for the first time in an official examination many of the allegations from critics who charged that the Justice Department had become overly politicized during the Bush administration. “Many qualified candidates” were rejected for the department’s honors program because of what was perceived as a liberal bias, the report found.

AG John Ashcroft restructured the honors program in response to what some officials saw as a liberal tilt in recruiting young lawyers from elite law schools like Harvard and Yalerejecting candidates with liberal or Democratic affiliations “at a significantly higher rate” than those with Republican or conservative credentials… Applications that contained what were seen as “leftist commentary” or “buzz words” like environmental and social justice were often grounds for rejecting applicants, according to e-mails reviewed by the inspector general’s office.

Membership in liberal organizations like the American Constitution Society, Greenpeace, or the Poverty and Race Research Action Council were also seen as negative marks. Affiliation with the Federalist Society, a prominent conservative group, was viewed positively.

Seems Republicans have an authoritarian tendency they find hard to restrain.

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