Tuesday, June 24, 2008

God Please Let Texas Republican Platform Become Law There

The Texas Freedom Network put together a summary of the Texas Republican Party's new agenda for the lone star state. As your reading this, imagine if you can, life under their platform. But instead of just wondering what it would be like, why not demand the entire state of Texas show us all how crazy we are, by showing us the infallibility of their ideology. Hopefully, we might see that happen, if you can believe the following GOP list of issues advocating their vision of the ideal society in Texas:

How Extreme Is the Texas Republican Party's 2008 Platform? The religious right is reeling from electoral and other setbacks across the nation over the past two years. Yet you wouldn’t know that by reading the 2008 platform of the Republican Party of Texas.

1. Calling separation of church and state a “myth,” the party platform would sweep away a key protection that has allowed faith to thrive in this country and permit government to promote favored religious practices over all others.
2. Courts would be stripped of their authority to uphold the First Amendment’s prohibition against government officials promoting and endorsing religion.
3. Government would become a powerful weapon in renewed attacks on sound science and medical research. Public schools would be required to teach religious doctrine, such as “intelligent design”/creationism, in science classes. Medical research involving embryonic stem cells would be criminalized.
4. Public schools would be forbidden from teaching medically accurate information about contraception and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Instruction on only “abstinence until heterosexual marriage” would be required.
5. Content in public school textbooks would be based on the personal beliefs of whatever majority controlled the heavily politicized State Board of Education. By removing prudent limits on the board’s authority, the state would reopen the door to censorship.
6. The public treasury would be raided to subsidize private and religious schools through vouchers and tax deductions. Even worse, government would be forbidden from requiring that private and religious schools getting taxpayer dollars meet the same oversight and education standards that public schools must meet.
7. Government would strip women of their right to make decisions regarding their reproductive health. Abortion services, with no exceptions, would be criminalized. Even access to various forms of contraception would be barred or restricted. In addition, the government would make it harder for women to divorce and escape abusive relationships.
8. Legalized discrimination against gay and lesbian Texans would escalate. Government would be empowered to imprison and/or fine adults who engage in even private, consensual sexual intimacy with other adults of the same gender. Moreover, the government would not just bar adoption by gay and lesbian parents. It would also strip them of any right to custody of their own children and would restrict visitation rights.

Jesus Christ, please grant Texas their freedom..

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