Saturday, June 21, 2008

Republicans Devour Traitor McClellan

History will not be kind to the Bush administration and the sycophantic Republican Party for the full acceptance of outright corruption, lies and cover-ups. It's a blind loyalty to their anointed leader and incompetent ideologue, George W. Bush. I don’t suppose I’ll ever see anything like this again, so I thought you might want to observe how condescending and boorish these scoundrels can be. On display for your review, Rep. Lamar Smith’s bizarre, nasty, partisan comment at the start of the House Judiciary Committees Q & A with Scott McClellan.

Brad Blog posted this:
Smith's opening statement, described the hearing as "the Judiciary Committees first book of the month club meeting" before proceeding to plug Ann Coulter's book. It was something to behold, and demonstrated (yet again) just how far these guys are willing to go to protect the Administration (versus offering oversight, as required by the Constitution) when they need to.

Thanks Brad, it truly is astonishing.

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