Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fox News’s O’Reilly and Kelly Say Waste of Taxpayer Money Defending Constitution

You would have thought the Democrats had found a way to clone Adolph Hitler, after the way Republicans foaming at the mouth, vilified liberals and their surrogate judges. When they don’t like a particular decision, Republicans are ready to abandon the law for their own brand of justice, mowing down every dissenting individual that gets in their way. So it goes for the Supreme Court decision to allow prisoners held at Guantanamo the right to challenge their detention in court under the Constitution.

Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly trade gripes and familiar “anger points” designed to agitate the Fox News viewer into an epileptic seizure.

You knew they were bringing out the big guns when Kelly said “our taxpayer dollars will now go to judges…”

You could almost hear their viewers jumping up in front of their plasma TV’s
shouting in unison, “What, my taxpayer money is gonna go to those liberal judges
so they can let terrorists go free to kill more Americans

O’Reilly didn’t miss a beat with “makes it more difficult to prosecute and hold these guys when their lawyers will be coming, and running…”

Huh! Bill, there called DEFENSE ATTORNEYS! They’re supposed to make it difficult for prosecutors.

Think about what Bill just said, “too the ACLU, that’s all worth it because of the “Constitution.” They really don’t hide the fact that, as President Bush once said, “It’s just a God damn piece of paper.”

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