Saturday, June 21, 2008

John Cusack on Republican “Corrupt Ideology”

John Cusack has received a lot of public attention for an online election ad he did for, as well as his new movie “War Inc.”, but for me his recent comment on Countdown With Keith Olberman stood out.

I started Democurmudgeon with the intent to explain just how the conservative ideology failed, and will continue to do so, due to its inherent contradictions, idol worship, authoritarianism and impossible economic outcomes. I’m not just saying it failed, I’m saying can’t be repaired or adjusted without becoming something decidedly different.

In this clip, John Cusack’s words add to the chorus of voices defining a Party devoid of rehabilitation.

Cusack: This is such a corrupt ideology and it’s been such a disaster, I really think this idea that government really…the job of government is to preside over a corporate feeding frenzy..

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