Thursday, June 19, 2008

“Felons For Obama,” says Fox News

So much propaganda, so little time to uncover it all.

Fox News put together their typical story of outrage, this time nailing Virginia for “trying to add thousands of non violent felons to voting roles in time for the November election.”

Virginia takes the right to vote away for life unless, after 3 clean years, the governor restores those them.

Here’s where we get the “Democrats are felons” frame. It's a not so subtle suggestion that the majority of potential voters might be former black criminals. Republicans say the drive is an “improper” effort to recruit more Obama voters. Of course "improper" is not illegal but close. One Republican delegate, quoted from the Washington Post, said “I don’t now a lot of young Republicans who end up being felons…I am sure this registration effort is designed to help their candidate.”

We certainly know of a few older Republicans who have been added to the felon roles ended after serving in this administration. But I digress.

Despite an Obama campaign denial: the subliminal Fox News campaign to paint Democratic voters as black felons, returning to the voter rolls to elect their black candidate, was easy to digest eye candy for their hard core audience. I wouldn’t be surprise if we saw numerous follow-ups to this developing story, and others like it, as they creatively make more of them up.

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