Saturday, June 14, 2008

Republicans-McCain Succeed, Repeated Lies become Truths

Over the last 7 years, and three elections, Republicans have succeeded in making lies an acceptable element of campaigning. Getting caught in one has produced a number of standard comebacks, like: “that was pulled out of context,” “what I meant to say,” “I never said that,” “I stand by my statement” or they are given a free pass by the media.

Conservatives have successfully used frequency and time to position their lies as something that can be debated, that there’s truth even in lying. This extreme form of relativism has now set the bar so low, that debate over real issues will be replaced with a fictionalized set of problems born out of lies.

The point of their lying is to create a false impression, an emotional response, that may shift the publics perception no matter what the consequences. Nowadays, there is little fallout from these “misstatements,” and they’re quickly forgotten anyway by an avalanche of new lies.

I’ve included a short list of LIES by Sen. John McCain, as compiled by My intention is not to bash McCain here, but show how casual lying is now, even for a presidential candidate.

Lie-Katrina Help: A New Orleans television reporter asked John McCain why he had voted twice against the creation of a commission to investigate preparedness for Hurricane Katrina. McCain responded that he "supported every investigation and ways of finding out what caused the tragedy." That's not true. McCain did, as the reporter said, twice vote against legislation. McCain suggested that he was merely voting against wasteful spending. He said "one of the bills" was riddled with pork. The Clinton amendments, however, would have provided $3 million for the investigation but no funds for anything else.

Lie-Earmarks Elimination:
McCain seems says that he can save $100 billion by cutting out earmarks. Cutting earmarks would actually save very little. But contrary to popular belief cutting earmarks wouldn't necessarily cut government spending. Earmarks often simply tell agencies how to spend money that they are already getting.

Lie-Gas Tax Vacation
: McCain’s widely discredited proposal to suspend federal gas taxes wouldn't lower prices at the pump and would result in (effectively) an $8.5 billion windfall to oil companies.

Lie-Eliminate ATM: McCain says that eliminating the Alternative Minimum Tax will save "more than 25 million middle-class families more than $2,000 every year." McCain also leaves out the fact that the proposal could cost as much as $1.6 trillion over 10 years.

Lie-Capital Gains Applies to 401(k)’s: McCain falsely claims that higher capital gains tax rates will affect 401(k) plans.

Lie-The poor drive farther than the rich?: No. McCain is wrong when he claims repeatedly that low-income people drive more. In fact, the affluent drive twice as many miles.

Lie-Is a letter from an anonymous teacher about illegal immigrants getting school grants true?: No. It cobbles together misleading statements to give the impression that illegal immigrants are receiving perks from taxpayers, when, in fact, they are not.

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