Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Conservatives: the Law and Order Party? MY ASS

Conservatives don’t like to uphold laws they don’t like, and here’s just another in a long list of examples. This time, from Canada’s CBC News:

(For first time a country has been challenged) Lawyers for Friends of the Earth went to court to try to force the Conservative government to obey a law passed by opposition members ordering it to comply with the Kyoto Protocol.

They will argue that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government must follow the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act, which passed last June on the strength of opposition support…(and) submit a plan showing how it would do so and prove that steps have been taken by publishing reports…(they’ve) missed three crucial deadlines for reporting their progress.

Instead of meeting the challenge and following through on years of planning, Harper’s government does what conservatives do best, whine and pass the blame. These cliches are really getting tired. The Conservatives maintain that the Kyoto targets are unattainable after years of inaction by previous Liberal governments and would hurt the economy…(and) the issue is a political matter and should be resolved in Parliament, not in court.

Environment Minister John Baird said "Simply put … this bill, if taken to its logical conclusion, (Let me guess, hypothetically taking it to it’s logical conclusion must mean, A LIBERAL TAX INCREASE. SO, the conservatives again are going to save all Canadians from a tax increase) would require us to put a 50-cent-a-litre tax on gasoline at the pumps, and that's just not something I'm prepared to do."

This comment cut through the conservative lunacy:
DvG Mtl wrote: Isn't it funny that this is happening to the Harper government who was elected on a platform of accountability. I'm glad that Canada is letting the Conservatives know that they have to follow ALL the laws, not just the ones that they choose to. (Electoral Finance, Kyoto, ... this list could go on and on)


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