Friday, September 11, 2015

Scott Walker to Wreak Havoc on Unions Collecting Political cash for Democrats.

Is he really a tough guy with big bold ideas?

On his first day as president, Scott Walker will make it difficult for unions to collect contributions for political activity, you know, and fund Democratic campaigns. Just more costly government regulation and red tape, Republican style, that would make "free speech" contributions harder to express:
Walker spoke in front of a banner reading "Wreaking Havoc on Washington." He said that starting his first day as president, he'd require federal employee unions to disclose and certify the portion of union dues used for political activity and prohibit the government from withholding that amount in paychecks of its workers. Doing so would protect workers from being forced to give money to political candidates they don't support, Walker said.
Repeating what they’ve always had to repeat about those contributions:
No political contributions are made to federal candidates from union dues, and forbidding workers from having dues voluntarily deducted is a "blatant political attack on federal employees and an attempt to wipe labor unions off the map," said J. David Cox Sr., president of the American Federation of Government Employees.
So will Walker’s first day basically be filled with political revenge to crush his opponents?

Heading off a possible double meaning to Walker's first day attack on unions, he might also be going after not just the political fund, but the dues themselves, for "issue advocacy."
While union gifts to federal candidates must be drawn from voluntary member contributions, compulsory dues can be used for political activities such as polling, voter education and get-out-the-vote efforts — activities that can often be steered to benefit favored candidates.
Is Walker saying “issue advocacy” (voter education) is also a problem? If he is, that would be a flip flop, running counter to his argument against the recent John Doe investigation. 

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