Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Duffy to defund Planned Parenthood by passing Federal law based on fiction.

Republicans were so successful expanding government regulations based on voting myths, they're firmly convince the same tactic will work against Planned Parenthood. It kinda takes the pressure off solving real problems.

The now radicalized Republican Party: Let's take a look at one glaring example.

Former naked MTV star Rep. Sean Duffy decided to exploit the discredited Planned Parenthood videos created by the anti-abortion front group with the nonsensical name "Center for Medical Progress."

So none of this matters...?
During yesterdays 5 hour "hearing" that took pot shots at Planned Parenthood's president Cecile Richards, Congress thought it best not to bother the so called "professionals" from the Center for Medical Progress. Surprised?

Despite the statewide investigations that turned up no wrong doing by Planned Parenthood, Duffy doubled down on the original lie as if that alone would make it true. Stephen Colbert called it truthiness.

Duffy's mind blowing Rube Goldberg attack on Planned Parenthood, the so called "Women’s Health and Safety Act," will amaze you. Duffy's word salad below allows states to block Medicaid funding to providers that perform abortions:
No outrage about the government cover-up?
"This is not a debate about abortion or even non-abortion, pro life or pro abortion. Those who are even pro abortion agree that these tactics are unacceptable. They have no place in our society, and that federal tax dollars should actually go to fund an institution that harvests baby body parts for sale is absolutely asinine."
Yes, if only it were true…Duffy continues with his “objective” analysis?
"Some states want to refuse this tainted money being used by an awful organization that profits from selling aborted children’s organs, but the Medicaid law and CMS is forcing them to fund abortion providers against the state legislature’s wishes. Health care doesn't mean Planned Parenthood, and Planned Parenthood doesn't mean women's health care. You talk about defunding women's health care? There is no less money. There is the same amount of money that goes to women's health care. That's a false argument."

Duffy says the bill makes abortion providers not fall under the “free choice of qualified provider” provision, so excluding abortion providers from Medicaid funding would not count as “limiting healthcare options”, which is not allowed under Medicaid.

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