Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Blame Obama Syndrome: GOP Gov's failure to treat their mentally ill/enforce gun laws on the books reason for rise in attacks on Police?

The current crop of infallible “almighty Republican governors” is now blaming President Obama for the highly publicized attacks on police officers. 

It’s not about better treatment for the mentally ill, an excuse they always give when kids in school or people in theaters are massacred. 

And it’s not about their great leadership enforcing the laws that have now made it easier anyone to get guns. 

It’s certainly not about showing Obama how their state doesn’t need him or the federal governments intrusive mandates. No, it’s all about Obama effecting a select number of GOP states!

It's also all about race baiting:  

Recent violence against law enforcement is President Barack Obama's problem, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Tuesday, blasting the president for failing to lead and uphold the rule of law.
"This is the president's problem, because he has not allowed law and order to be the rule of the day in the United States. Lawlessness has been the rule of the day. And now the president says little or nothing about these police officers that are being hunted."
So how has the other 3 GOP governors tough talk and leadership prevented the "killings of police officers in Illinois and Texas, and another shooting in Nevada?" 

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