Saturday, September 5, 2015

Why has Wisconsin Media Covered up for Scott Walker?

Below is an excerpt from Jake’s TA Economic Funhouse about flip flopper Scott Walker. It should be read by everyone, including conservatives, in its entirety. But...

...having said that, what I’ve re-posted here is something that Wisconsinites and the media of this state should take a closer look at: Why do news media sources around the country and world see a much different Scott Walker than our own statewide media has for years? Outside coverage has painted an ugly picture of a career politician that one Iowa Republican voter nailed down by saying, "He's been on all three sides of every two-sided issue.” 

It's not like the national media has been stellar uncovering phonies like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. But Scott Walker's jaw-dropping obfuscating non-answers were even more intolerable than the media was used to, and that in turn prompted the avalanche of well deserved criticism.  

Jake points to a dramatic media problem here in Wisconsin that has lead to the state being dangerously divided:
“But in addition to the excellent schadenfreude you may feel at Walker being made into a punchline, you may also have gotten disgusted as you read those articles, and with good reason. The shallowness, racist dog-whistles, flip-flopping, spinning, excuse-making, and lack of connection to reality has been apparent with Walker for years. So why did the Wisconsin media cover up for him, and refuse to call him out on it, allowing this doofus to embarrass the state again and again on the national stage? Was it really worth all of that campaign money and company-paid trips out-of-state to sell your integrity out and allow the state to be run into the ground?

… And there still needs to be actions taken against AM hate radio stations … You covered up, deflected and spread countless hours of propaganda for this bum, and violated the public’s trust for throwing away any shred of objectivity and decency you may have had. We are still long overdue for the “balance in media” rallies that need to happen in this state.

Because not only has Scott Walker been exposed as a foolish fraud on the campaign trail, so has most of the Wisconsin media. And while Scotty seems to be finally getting some accountability for his pathetic act, shouldn’t Wisconsin’s corporate media also pay a price for what they’ve done, and are still trying to do, in promoting this disgusting fraud?
I thought Christian Schneider's totally clueless opinion proved Jake's point. Republicans in Wisconsin only know the fake, media created governor:
Sorry, we're now seeing the real Scott Walker.


  1. Sorry to say but this kowtowing to reichwingers is bidness as usual in many states.

    The well known liberal media bias...

    All planned for in the Powell Manifesto.

    1. Thanks for the props, John. And Anon 1:20 am is also correct- a lot of this "negligence" is the Wisconsin media working for their real bosses- corporates and advertisers.

      Jake formerly of the LP