Thursday, September 3, 2015

Walker says Americans want his "divide and conquer" leadership in Washington!!!

Unfortunately, my rants about our dictatorial rightwing authoritarian governor and presidential candidate were right on the mark. Scott Walker even tipped his hand early on when he said he would run for president only if the Senate flipped into Republicans control. That was his not too subtle message that he wanted a one party system of government, devoid of resistance, or he wasn't going to try.

That for me was my epiphanic moment; for Walker, it's his agenda or nothing. Resistance will be futile.

Now within reach of the presidency, and as I predicted, Walker wants to grease the skids by getting rid of the Senate's filibuster. This is no small or random issue; just like in Wisconsin, Walker doesn't just defeat his opponents, he destroys them by making them irrelevant.

Despot Alert: In a shocking admission, Walker made it clear nothing would get in his way of carrying out his no compromise agenda. This is even more troubling than his Canadian wall comment. In Chuck Todd's final question on Meet the Press, which by the way was not included in the transcript, Walker was asked why his "divide and conquer" style would be a good thing in an already divided Washington. Not surprisingly, just the though of total control put fire in Walker's answer:

Todd: "The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a newspaper that endorsed you in 2010 and endorse you in 2012, recently called you the most divisive politicians in living memory. We have Washington here, I'll be honest with you, it's hopelessly divided, and polarized, and partisan. How do you somehow be the guy who unites us...what do you say to that...?"

Walker: "You know what Americans want more than anything? They want Washington to work. 

Coming together, working across party lines, we've seen for decades in this city, that politicians on both sides, I might argue Democrats more than Republicans on both sides, have largely worked together in ignoring the debt and deficit problem in the country ... so just working across party lines if it doesn't mean getting things done, is not what Americans are looking for.

What they're looking for are leaders who actually get things done. And sure, did I get some push back, yea because I came in and instead of talking about things, I'm gonna get right to work and start fixing things ... What I learned going forward ... You gotta talk about it and constantly explain to people what's at stake, what's at risk, what do we need to do to help future generations ... and that's what we did. Sometimes the status quo defenders don't like it, and their not going to like that a lot in Washington. But I don't  care. And that may mean some of the leaders of my own party. But I'm willing to push back on that. 

Cause I think American now more than ever want someone who's going to fight, but someone who's going to fight and win for them. That's actually going to get results, do it without compromising principles. I think more now than ever, we need a leader in America that's actually been tested, because we see how bad it's been when you have somebody who wasn't, that's the kind of leader I'll be."
UPDATE: Want more proof? You'll notice how Walker is now admitting he doesn't care about "the other" political party anymore:
“We’re going to shake things up in Washington when we get there. We’re going to wreak some havoc and put the American people back in charge. I think people have seen I’ve been able to wreak havoc in our state capitol on the big-government special interests. The difference is I governed like a red-state governor, and I lived in a blue state,” Walker told reporters.

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