Thursday, September 3, 2015

Walker: " I will continue to have the backs of police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and state troopers and treat them with the respect they deserve." Except for Overtime Pay.

Scott Walker actually said this:
"We must do more to protect those who protect us. Police officers across this country need to know that we have their back. As I’ve done throughout my career, I will continue to have the backs of police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and state troopers and treat them with the respect they deserve."
After Scott Walker actually did this:

Walker not only has to fork over the overtime pay he didn't think important, he's also cutting his security team in half and taking away their recent 4% raise. Would I kid you? From WKOW


  1. ANYONE who thinks Walker won't put them or their entitlements on the chopping block is delusional. The ONLY people Walker doesn't put on the chopping block are rich donors simply because without their influence and money, he is dead in the water. I love all the folks out there, especially retirees, who are going to vote for Walker. I can't wait to see the revolt after he cuts their entitlements (social security & medicare), which will make a large percentage of Walker's base furious. Anarchy. Let sociopath Walker become POTUS. All the nations we counted on as allies will hate us. Russia in concert with Syria & ISIS will attack. Walker will aleniate us to the point that allies watch the US take a beating and stand back. Iran will launch attack after agreement ripped up. Walker is perhaps the most destructive person in politics today & he has no filter, let alone intelligence. So please, make America and WI proud by promoting Scott Walker to the highest office in the land!

  2. Police Officers do not deserve raises. We have budget problems in WI and who are these public servants to think they deserve entitlements??? This is their job and they need to either accept no raise or leave their job. We will not put up with whiny public servants!!

  3. Anon @3:06

    You're the kind of person that would have government employees working fo minimum wage because "it's your money" I end up working quite few Sunday mornings at 5:00 am. Put up or shut up. Post your phone number here so I can call you and let you know how "your money's" being spent.

    1. Really? I'm married to a teacher. You know, the unsavory characters who have been demonized in WI. You are part of the police union, who stabbed fellow union members in the back and supported Act 10. You are a hypocrite. You deserve the same treatment teachers, nurses and public servants got. Why are so so special? Teacher are getting killed every year by gun violence in schools. They put their lives at risk, even if it is far less risk than a police officer. Who are you to get special treatment huh?