Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trump plays Walker's Deficit Con Game! Gotcha.

What goes around comes around: I loved the fact that Trump blamed Walker for losing $2.2 billion in Wisconsin, a wonderfully misleading number that's not true...but it was so ironic. Satisfying beyond belief, we finally saw a Republican become the victim of their own twisted con game. Here's why:
In November 2014, the Wisconsin Department of Administration said state agencies' budget requests would exceed expected revenues by $2.2 billion dollars for the 2015-2017 budget cycle.
The Irony; Walker's supposed $3.6 billion inherited budget deficit, which he mentions in the clip below, is based on the same misleading "budget requested" numbers used by Trump. So Trump used the same trick Walker's been using since he became governor. And Walker never caught on apparently, because a smart guy would not have brought it up, much less highlight the same con.

So Trump inadvertently, out Walker'ed Walker: 

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