Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sorry Trolls, Kim David now realizes she was acting like a Republican all along!!!

The knee jerk reaction of Republican Facebook and Twitter trolls has always been fun to watch, but this time it's almost laughable: Switching to the Republican Party, supposed Democratic clerk Kim Davis sure acted like a conservative clown. So what's the surprise?
4 times married Davis protects marriage?

What did raise a few chuckles was her excuse for changing parties; The Democratic Party abandoned her? Really, it was their fault. Who knew Democrats had for years have supported gay marriage...certainly not Davis.

I wonder what other cliff the trolling crowd of misfits will jump off of next:

And wouldn't you know, she's even inspired a new app (Windows please?):

Fight Kim, Defeat Kim, Condemn Her.

Battle against bigotry and achieve equality for all. Join us in a battle for the ages. On one side of this virtual battle field littered with shredded paper and sadness, festers Kim an agent of civil discrimination. On the other side, the warriors of love, the soldiers of acceptance, and the army of equality.

- Become a soldier for equality,- Toss marriage applications to damage Kim. Each level has a specific amount of applications that you must hit her with in order to send her to jail. Miss just one and you will lose.- Hurl divorce papers at Kim causing her to slow down, making her an easier target!
50% of all proceeds will go to LGBT charities.

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