Monday, September 21, 2015

Walker wants to End all Labor Protections and Destroy Economic Mobility for Workers.

Scott Walker hasn’t exactly come right out and said it, but some unions are great, even coddled.
The Wisconsin Troopers Association … spared both Act 10 and take-home pay reduced by roughly 10% because of cuts to health care and pension benefits … and still negotiated a roughly 17% pay increase. 
Walker protected two other unions that supported him, but to do so, he had to protect them all statewide:
The police officers and firefighters of Milwaukee backed Walker on the campaign trail. Walker's spokeswoman Patrick pointed out that Act 10 preserved collective bargaining for all local police and firefighters, not just those in Milwaukee, saying that proved Walker doesn't play favorites. 
The only thing Patrick didn’t say at the end was “…suckers!”

Collateral Damage - Killing Unions is Killing Upward Mobility: Outlined perfectly in a Huffington Post article:
(A) new study, “Bargaining for the American Dream,” establishes that the children of union members earn more money … children of non-union members who live in areas with high union concentration earn more money as well.” The report concludes, “What is clear is that mobility thrives where unions thrive.”

Economic mobility is the American Dream – the ideal that every American has the opportunity to work hard and do better for himself and his family. And that is what Republican presidential candidates want to kill by destroying unions.
It may be that Walker’s anti-labor message may not be going over well with conservative voters who still have jobs and have kids who will need jobs someday:
Last week, Scott Walker one-upped the gang of GOP presidential candidates all jostling for the coveted Republican title of Best Billionaire Bootlicker … announcing with pomp and fanfare that, unlike those other Republican pansies, a President Walker wouldn’t stop at crushing labor unions. No. That wouldn’t hamstring the middle class sufficiently for Walker. He’d also deny workers paid sick leave and compensation for overtime. Now those are some real anti-worker, middle-class-hatin’ chops!

Walker promised that as president he would kill the federal board that investigates unfair labor practices, annihilate all unions representing federal workers, end “fair share” fees nationwide, terminate the requirement that contractors on federally subsidized jobs pay workers a fair wage based on local standards, stop mandating federal contractors provide paid sick leave and slash the number of workers who must be paid overtime when they work more than 40 hours. 
Really, and that’s supposed to convince struggling American workers that Scott Walker got their back? 

Walker, like all Republicans, think it’s a justifiable trade off to lose upward mobility if they can at least destroy the unions ability to fund the Democratic Party. Gotta win elections.

Clearing up the language; Fair Share or Freeloading?
 Employees don’t have to join a union and they don’t have to pay union dues ... if they don’t they are required in 25 states to pay a “fair share” fee that covers the cost of union services that benefit them, such as collective bargaining and grievance litigation … Federal law mandates that the union provide services for all workers, including those who don’t join.
Killing Upward Mobility: 
The 25 states that prohibit fair share fees deliberately deny unions that income in order to financially cripple them. The likes of Paul and Walker are eager to financially strangle the organizations that provide millions of workers and their children with access to the American Dream. Sounds like a big, fat pay cut for millions who are struggling to support their families. With laws forbidding fair share fees and other anti-union measures, Republicans stole economic mobility from workers. 

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