Saturday, September 12, 2015

Unleashing the Scott Walker Stupid!!!

I'll just let Esquire's Charlie Pierce chime in about Scott Walker's latest and now classic non-answer:

Let us begin with S.W., the g-e h hired by Koch Industries to manage their Midwest subsidiary formerly known as the state of Wisconsin. Once highly touted by skeevy old bloggers as a real threat for the Republican nomination, S.W. has run a campaign that is a perfect reflection of the candidate himself – slow-witted, dumb as a sack of hair, and dull as a medieval butter-knife. He was asked the other day about what he would do, if he were president, about the refugee crisis exploding out of the Middle East. This is what the putative leader of the free world said.
"I'm not president today, and I can't be president today. Everybody wants to talk about hypotheticals; there is no such thing as a hypothetical."- Scott Walker." - Scott Walker
Walker's word salad partner, Sarah Palin, also got the Pierce treatment:
There's Palin.  She took the stage at the ass-end of the Great Rally Against Unmongered War on the Capitol lawn the other day. She delivered a speech. This is part of what was said by someone who, in the year 2008, was one of only four people with a legitimate shot at being president of the United States.
Thank you. Man, I never thought I'd say it, but I think you all are a lot tougher than Alaskans, being able to be out here. I'm roastin'! I'm meltin'! I've always said, though, sweat is my sanity, so as I sweat, let's bring some SANITY to this discussion about this insane "treaty" that's in front of Congress.
"Sweat is my sanity"? Well, something has to be, I guess.
No, only in an Orwellian Obama world, full of sprinkly fairy dust blown from atop his unicorn, as he's peeking through a really pretty pink kaleidoscope, would he ever see victory or safety for America or Israel in this treaty. This treaty will not bring peace. You don't reward terrorism. You kill it. 

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