Saturday, September 12, 2015

Walker's Frankenstein monster WEDC, flips off Taxpayers!

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, Scott Walker's little baby, has been a disaster from the beginning. But it was designed that way, to evade laws and hand out corporate welfare. That's becoming clearer now.

Democratic input, that would have put a number of safeguards in place, were ignored and called partisan. The Democrats were right all along of course, but what does it matter. The WEDC board's comeback; thank you, we'll consider it.

Their jaw dropping irresponsible comments discounting reform can be heard in the audio clip below from the Devil's Advocates Show. One things for sure, WEDC was created to serve business, answer to any problems later, and resist change that might get in the way of corporate welfare. jsonline:  
WEDC board puts off outsourcing issue for a month: The head of the state's job-creation agency is putting off Democrats who want its board to discuss outsourcing and its process for conducting background checks, saying it can't take up the issue until October. 

The two Democratic lawmakers on the WEDC board asked to discuss outsourcing and background checks at a board meeting in July. But agency officials said they couldn't address the matter then because it wasn't on the board's agenda. 

Sen. Julie Lassa said by email: "Secretary Hall’s unwillingness to accommodate our request is sadly typical of the lack of urgency WEDC has demonstrated in addressing problems at the agency. Taxpayers are disturbed by what they are hearing about WEDC, and this foot-dragging that has been going on for four months already does little to reassure them that the agency takes their concerns seriously."

Rep. Peter Barca said WEDC's leaders' "nonchalant attitude toward protecting taxpayers is a slap in the face to all the hardworking people in this state.”
Where are the conservative tightwad voters who couldn't wait to abandon our state parks and university system just to say a few bucks? Thanks to right wing media, they're probably not even aware of WEDC's record of throwing taxpayer money away?

What puzzles me is why some of our best Madison reporters never featured the comments below in their local news coverage. It's absolutely stunning and would be a game changer if only the public knew:

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