Monday, September 14, 2015

CNN's Jake Tapper's question to Walker, "Give me an example of one time you took on a conservative special interest?"

After all the years Scott Walker has bragged about taking on Washington special interests, no one has ever asked if he could name one right wing special interest like the Koch brothers that he had boldly stood up to like the unions.

When asked, Walker struggled, flailed and fumbled, because isn't it obvious, he's never stood up to conservative Washington special interests. CNN:

Jake Taper: "...but you've been backed by Republican special interests like the Koch brothers right, how does that square with what you're saying about taking on special interests, or do you think only liberal special interests are ones worth taking on."

Walker: "I'm taking on the ones in Washington. In my state, I didn't just take on the unions and Democrats early on ... there were some senators including some who'd been in the leadership who didn't want to do the kind of reforms...."
Of course we all know how legislative Republicans responded a few months back when they heard Walker had just thrown them under the bus. Republican State Sen. Luther Olsen said it best:
"The thing is, we were all the guys facing the crowds every day coming in and out of our offices. We didn't have the police protection," he said. "Taking on your friends ... and saying you were the tough guy? Thanks a lot, buddy."
Tapper continued to get Walker to answer:
Tapper: "But aren’t the Koch brothers special interests too?” Tapper pressed. “Can you give me an example of one time you took on a conservative special interest?"

Walker: "I raised 80 million in three and a half years, 70 percent of it came from people who gave me $75 or less. We’ve raised from over 300,000 donors in all 50 states."
Again, Walker never answered the question. He was also unprepared for Tapper's line of questioning. Which makes you wonder why Wisconsin media never asked. If they had, Walker wouldn't have this meaningless talking point today.


  1. Scott Walker raised $56 million from donations of $75 or less? This demands a fact-check (I'm severely doubting that)

    Of course, the Wisconsin media got a lot of that money kicked back to them in campaign ads, which explains why Tapper's questions were never asked here

  2. I agree that it should be fact checked again. I think I saw something on this. My impression? It's selective spin, but we'll see. I'll research this. I'm open for some help as well.

  3. If all 300,000 gave $75, that would be $22.5MM. Walker's lying.

  4. How have we allowed WI media to give half-wit Walker a pass?? Look at how he devastated WI - and the idiots who voted for him want to unleash his stupidity on the world??

  5. Walker is an Elected Lobbyist for Corporate American Power. (CAP)
    What we have here is simply Corporate Raiding Techniques developed in the 80's & perfected in the 90's applied to States. Use the tax revenue to retro-actively fund your last campaign, reward your friends & allies, give massive tax breaks to the rich, cut everything else...use the budget process to create 100's of new laws, which is a lazy way to legislate, & privatise everything. They WILL go after the State Pension Fund, just wait & see.

    It is the RAPE of a STATE.