Saturday, September 12, 2015

Walker puts the power back into the hands of Washington Voucher Special Interests and hard working millionaire/billionaire taxpaying GOP contributors.

Scott Walker’s biggest con line, “It's not too late to take on those powers in Washington and put the power back in the hands of the hard-working taxpayers," never points out who “the working taxpayers” are getting that power. Would you be surprised to find out they're billionaire contributors and “Washington” school voucher lobbyists? Funny, he left that out.  

Walker is just switching who those Washington special interests are, and the people getting all the power. The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign details the grand shift in who gets the taxpayer cash:
The special interests behind school vouchers in Wisconsin have gotten a mammoth return on their electioneering and lobbying investments. School voucher program spending approved by Republican Gov. Scott Walker and the GOP-controlled legislature will total nearly $1.2 billion between 2011 and 2017. That’s a return of about 15,600% on the more than $7.5 million that mostly out-of-state millionaires and billionaires who support vouchers have invested in campaign contributions, outside electioneering activities and lobbying in recent years.
The numbers aren’t mine either:
A Legislative Fiscal Bureau analysis shows … Walker and the Republican-controlled legislature have cut state aid to public schools by nearly $1.1 billion.
Walker is “taking on those powers in Washington he doesn’t like, and shifts that power over to a different unmentioned Washington special interest. Surprised?
The Washington D.C.-based American Federation for Children, a leading advocate of Wisconsin’s voucher programs, spent an estimated $5.4 million to support Republican candidates in Wisconsin elections between 2010 and 2014.
Walker’s putting “the power back in the hands of the hard-working taxpayers” who likes contributing to Republican campaign coffers, many from out-of-state:
Nearly four dozen wealthy individuals or couples from mostly outside the state who support Wisconsin’s voucher programs contributed more than $1.6 million to Walker and about five dozen Republican legislators The top contributors among voucher backers to Walker and Republican legislators between 2010 and 2014 were Robert and Patricia Kern, of Waukesha, founders of Generac Corp., $235,000; Foster and Lynnette Friess, of Jackson, Wyo., owners of Friess Associates, $131,700; Roger Hertog, a retired New York City financier, $120,000; and Bruce Kovner, of New York, N.Y., chairman of Caxton Alternative Management, and his wife, Suzie, $120,000.
Not exactly your local superintendent, school board or group of concerned neighborhood parents.

But Walker supporters think putting our country in the hands of corporate special interests who will fleece us of every hard earn dollar we make is a good thing. One clueless troll not only supports this idea, they think I do too:

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