Thursday, September 17, 2015

Walker tanks!

Debate talk times
Scott Walker had himself to blame for his lack of Q&A time. Walker's barely noticeable poll rankings pretty much meant no one cared about his big bold plans, like stripping Americans of health care, going to war with China, Russia, Syria and Iran, and removing a century's worth of labor rights men and women literally died for.

And because Walker's strategy of withholding/changing positions and trickling out his authoritarian dictatorial plans for America, reporters had nothing interesting from his past to bring up.

At the top of my list of Walker's most embarrassing moments? Walker's totally clueless answer to the minimum wage. He really doesn't get it. Walker wants you to forget the minimum wage and the millions of people stuck in them slaving all day at menial repetitive jobs. Instead, let's just talk about training people for really good paying jobs. See, problem solved?

Jake Tapper: "Dr. Carson says he wants to raise the minimum wage, you have called it a lame idea. Why is raising the minimum wage lame?"

Scott Walker: "Said the best way to help people see their wages go up is to get them the education and skills they need...makes the congress live by the same rules (on health care) as everybody else."

Jake Tapper: "Thank you. Dr. Carson, Gov. Walker didn't really answer the question but I'll let you..."
Thank you again Jake Tapper. But a few moments later, Walker interrupted and insisted he did answer the question and gave the same irrelevant "answer." Earth to Walker, minimum wage jobs don't go disappear because other people have training and get bigger checks.

UPDATE: On this point, again the Wisconsin media is giving Walker a complete pass on not answering the question. Here's the Journal Sentinel's Patrick Marley's pathetic coverage that proves my point:
Later, Tapper asked Walker about him calling the minimum wage lame. Walker responded that the best way to make sure people earn more than the minimum wage is to provide them with education. He then quickly shifted to cutting taxes as a way to create jobs.

Tapper then turned to retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson on the issue, saying "Governor Walker didn't really answer the question."

Walker soon afterward cut in. "I just want to address that issue because you said I didn't answer, and I did....The answer is to give people the skills and the education so they make far more than minimum wage."

Said Walker adviser Robert O'Brien: "He was not going to be pushed around by either Donald Trump or Jack Tapper. He shut Trump down..." 

But while Walker had his high points, he also...
Wisconsin's weak media coverage of this carnival barker has dutifully cover-up for this guy again, over something the national media is having no problem seeing:


Total One Party Control of the Nation; Walker indicated early on that he would run for president if Republicans took the Senate. When that happened, our wannabe dictator, as I predicted, would quickly utilize the nuclear option and kill the filibuster. Democratic government programs? Gone. His political opponents? Destroyed. Walker said so in the debate tonight:

Walker's reckless moves against China and the Iran deal looked silly next to Rand Paul's and Jeb Bush's comments:

Drudge voters were also, so over Walker:

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  1. Living in Wisconsin, there is a strange protection of the "in-state" candidate. They've never fully put his feet to the fire for his destructive policies, corruption legacy, and now absentee governing.

    They care more about where he came from rather than the damage he would do.

    As far as the debate, he doesn't have the ability to take over a room. Plus, polling at 3% will not give the moderators much of a reason to ask him anything because the public doesn't care. It's similar to why TV stations don't advertise shows with poor ratings during commercial breaks. His campaign highlights have been non-answers, answering then having his staff better state the answer later via Twitter, and a wall across Canada. Given his lack of political savvy, it was a blessing for him that he couldn't command the microphone better, it saved his staff from sending a correction tweet.

    Halloween will be a treat when drops put.