Sunday, April 29, 2012

Walker on the War of Women, "In the larger context, it's a bogus issue."

Revelation; Labor got in the way of Scott Walker's attack on unions, and women got in the way of Walker's attack on trial lawyers. All potential sources of campaign money used to back Democratic candidates.

Walker is on automatic when he tries to tie his agenda to the "taxpayer," an overused focus group tested word that only serves his purely political agenda. Even the partisan Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United that union and corporate money in campaigns represented free speech.

The War on Women is a bogus issue to Scott Walker.

In Walker's disastrous appearance on Upfront with Mike Gousha (goo-shay), Scotty smiles his way through what most women would consider a serious discussion over the issue of equal pay. His convoluted reasons why the law wasn't important pale in comparison to his drive to vilify and neuter private sector lawyers from contributing to Democratic campaigns.

Do women find Walker's flippant behavior insulting?

Walker got so carried away BSing, that he actually said the conservative Wisconsin State Journal was liberal and sided with him about how silly the war on women was. After all, everything in Dane County is liberal, so that means the WSJ is too.  


  1. I've got news for Scott Walker and all Republicans: they can SAY they do not have a war on women, but if women FEEL and BELIEVE we are under attack -- and we do -- then they've got a problem. The Republican party is on self-destruct, and they don't even know it. Good. The sooner the better.

  2. I'm a woman, and I find him so offensive I can barely watch him. He is nauseating.

    Please send him to jail.