Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nugent to audience: "Chop their heads off."

Ted Nugent went completely over top with his threatening statements about Obama the other day. I could say something like, "a Democrat would never get away with saying something like that," but that would be burying the headline. Check it out with Ed Schultz:

Conservatives have abruptly ended all political civility with the Democrats. Everyone else is the enemy. It's not just celebrity arrogance that's troubling, but the same attitude was voiced by Scott Walker when he declared, "Who's in charge?"

Without a strong push back from the Democratic party candidates this time around, I think we could lose the message war...for good.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I think that's the appropriate response, to show people what lunatics these guys are. In spite of the head-nodding sycophants in the audience at the NRA convention, I believe many Republicans find this kind of talk offensive. Almost all Democrats do. So, the more these messages are disseminated, the better off we are.

  2. When sociopathic bullies sense weakness in their victims they only increase their brutality. An unexpected sucker-punch makes them think twice. For those who sensibly favor nonviolence, unrestrained ridicule is almost as effective because the bully's short-circuited brain is incapable of computing humor.

    Tip: When cornered by right-wing thugs ask them an absurd surrealistic question. There is a brief moment during which the reptile brain suffers vapor-lock, the eyes roll back in their sockets and temporary physical paralysis sets in. At that moment, run like hell. It works every time. Whatever you do, don't use logic. Logic smells like weakness to them.

    Nugent is clearly suffering from a brain-wasting disease probably caused by decades of drug and alcohol abuse as well as an untreated case of cat-scratch fever.

  3. Thanks for the great comments, it couldn't have been said any better.