Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefish, Rising GOP Star? She's so smart...

I made this to show how she ran in 2010
Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch is your typical conservative bubble head, spouting the usual simplistic solutions while enjoying in the benefits that come with a taxpayer supported government job. What a place for freeloaders. No all-nighters pouring over detailed research, trying to come up with a compromise or solution to our very complex social and economic problems. No, it's much simpler than that. Just cut spending, cut taxes. Easy stuff for freeloaders on the taxpayer dime.

One of the most clueless columnists and spokespeople on the right is John Fund, senior editor of the American Spectator. Yes, he's done personal appearances at Americans for Prosperity tea party rallies. That qualification alone explains the following crazy claim he made in Newsmax
Rising GOP Star Kleefisch Fights Recall: By John Fund  -  Scott Walker isn’t the only Wisconsin official targeted … along with Rebecca Kleefisch, Walker’s 36-year-old lieutenant governor … Kleefisch will most likely go up against Democrat Mahlon Mitchell, head of a public sector union.

A new Public Policy Polling survey finds the former TV news anchor leading Democrat Mitchell by 46 percent to 40 percent — the same margin by which she was elected in 2010.

But Kleefisch (is) considered one of the GOP’s rising young stars … “It’s vital Scott Walker wins, but it’s also important he have his best partner in the No. 2 office and not a union boss seeking to undermine him,” she explains.
Sure she’s an authoritarian, but that’s their job:
What makes her most angry is that “all of this visceral hatred was directed at me for just doing my job.”
Maybe the reason we’re losing jobs…?
“As his lieutenant governor, I am the marketing VP, helping to articulate why job creators should come to Wisconsin or expand … she held 25 Small Business Roundtables throughout the state last year."
Just to show how Fund can’t resist a little authoritarian dreaming of his own:
Left unsaid is that if Rebecca Kleefisch wins her high-profile recall battle, her standing with conservatives will be raised and make her a potential player on even bigger political stages in the future. 
They love their “players,” their leaders and their “standing.”


  1. I like the way John Fund refered to Mahlon Mitchell as "head of a public sector union." HEY JOHN, Mahlon Mitchell is "President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin."

  2. If Barbie is the Marketing VP for Wisconsin this may explain, in part, the reluctance of businesses to expand in Wisconsin.