Saturday, April 28, 2012

Madison's Bishop Morlino bucks Church, Supports Ryan; "This is an issue where the congressman speaks well for himself."

It's one thing for Paul Ryan to know more about religious doctrine than the Catholic bishops, who have spoken out in unity against the inhumane policies of Ryan's "Path," but it's another thing for Bishop Robert Morlino, of the Madison Catholic Diocese, to continues to inject his partisan political brand of Catholicism into the mix in support of Ryan.

The story from WKOW states Morlino is staying completely out of the controversy, but that's just not true. Especially after seeing his statement on the Ryan controversy. Morlino is a Republican Party hack.


  1. Bishop Morlino is a moral theologian. He is no "hack" to any party. But if one party's position on an issue is clearly more moral than the other party's, then he won't be afraid to preach about it.

    Bishop Morlino's most recent preaching was simple and clear: "The upcoming election will be a split between the people who know we are broke, versus the people who don't yet know we are broke."

    Ryan's budget could use some tweaking. If it cuts too deeply into safety-net programs, then Catholics and other people of charity will have to set up and contribute help for the poor.

    Thus far, Ryan's plan is the only morally acceptible choice. Too long, we have heard empty promises of "fiscal responsibility." We need Obama to work with Republicans, like Clinton did.

    It is morally unacceptible to heap any more debt onto the shoulders of young Americans. We have stolen enough from them already.

  2. The debt we're putting on the young will shift from what you assume will be crushing taxes to spending their every dime on taking care of their parents in old age, paying for their own medical expenses in a free market unregulated system of profit, all the while trying to raise a family, save for their education...etc.

    Shifting the cost from the government to our kids and seniors doesn't make the costs go away. That's still there, with a balanced fed budget and broke bankrupt citizens.

    What a plan idiot.