Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Phony Outrage, and lies, of Sen. Van Wanggaard

Here's a nice piece from Root River Siren on recall bait Sen. Van Wanggaard. Seems he was caught doing what most Republicans do so well, lie. The two pictures below are proof of that lie. 
Root River Siren: In this morning's Journal Times, Van Wanggaard's big time mouthpiece, Scott Kelly said Van was never invited to the Recall Forum held at the Bray Center in Racine last night. Who can blame him for being miffed, every news channel in Wisconsin was there, plus the Journal Sentinel, WGTD and Associated Press. Even Republicans and Independents running for Governor were there  … Well, some folks don't like to be called liars. Smarter organizers appeared to have mailed the invitation by certified letter this time and to Wanggaard's home address -oops!

Check out the whole story here.

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