Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wisconsin’s slide into despotism. Repeat the lies long enough, they become policy.

Well what do you know, we are going to drive off the cliff.

I guess my clue came the other day when Republicans went after food stamps instead of military spending. What surprised me was the nation’s collective yawn over something so outrageous. It didn’t seem to change anybody’s mind about voting Republican. I’ve blamed Democrats in the past for bad messaging, but I’m thinking now it’s something more. As a country, we’ve bought into the often repeated right wing version of reality. We are sprinting into the Bizarro world of conservative theory. They really have created their own reality, and people want to live there.

For example, voter fraud doesn’t exist, but people…even Democrats, have bought into it:
Most Americans think voter identification laws are needed to stop voter fraud, according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday. Overall, 70 percent of Americans say voter ID laws are needed to stop illegal voting. Some 74 percent of independents and 52 percent of Democrats agree. The poll was conducted in connection with a new documentary to air on Fox News Channel this weekend. Hosted by Eric Shawn, it's called "Fox News Reporting: Stealing Your Vote."
How convenient? And in Wisconsin, despite the dictatorial way the Republicans seized power and the nasty vilification of teachers, firefighters and the police:
Wispolitics: New surveys for the liberal blog Daily Kos show three of the four GOP Senate candidates in the recall elections with double-digit leads. GOP Sen. Van Wanggaard, R-Racine, was backed by 48 percent of respondents, compared to 46 percent who supported Dem John Lehman.

Sen. Terry Moulton, R-Chippewa Falls, was leading Dem challenger Kristen Dexter 51-41, while GOP Rep. Jerry Petrowski, R-Marathon, was up on Dem Rep. Donna Seidel, D-Wausau, 51-37 for an open seat. Senate GOP Leader Scott Fitzgerald led Dem Lori Compas 54-40.
We’re okay with this? The shocking truth is, many are now more determined than ever to fight the common liberal enemy. Go Ted Nugent.


  1. It is disheartening- but the fight has just begun.

  2. John- You need to stop worrying about that poll. It is crap.

    They've underestimated our desire to finish the job from Day 1, and they think we're flagging and will tire out. They are DEAD WRONG.

  3. I know, I've overreacted a little after reading the John Dean article on Walker's authoritarian personality. Not to mention the drones that follow such leaders.

    But I did expect a few more light bulbs going on over the heads of Wisconsinites.