Friday, April 20, 2012

A little more on the "double high" authoritarian leadership of Scott Walker.

My recent post, "ConservativesWithout a Conscience" author John Dean on Scott Walker," explored Dean's article on Walker, but additionally, Cap Times editor Paul Fanlund interviewed Dean and got a few more interesting comments:
Dean’s recent column on the legal website likens Walker’s dictatorial governing style to themes Dean developed in his 2006 book titled “Conservatives Without Conscience,” in which he explores and indicts the troubling personalities of recent Republican leaders.

Dean wrote of Walker: “If I lived in Wisconsin, I would be uncomfortable with this man, I asked Dean whether it surprises him that a state with a progressive reputation like Wisconsin’s would elect such a leader. “The social scientists with whom I have discussed this subject tell me they estimate about 20 to 25 percent of any population are authoritarian followers,” suggesting that yes, he is surprised.

“One of the reasons I write about authoritarian conservative politicians is that many people confuse a strong leader with an authoritarian leader,” he continued. “Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower were strong leaders, but not authoritarians. We have never had a so-called ‘double high’ authoritarian in the White House.”

Dean went on: “So most people do not understand what a ‘double high’ authoritarian like Scott Walker is capable of doing. The recall vote will be an interesting test to see if the innate wisdom of the people of Wisconsin prevails and they send Walker into another line of work.

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