Thursday, April 26, 2012

Briggs & Stratton reduces work force, moves some work to China.

The business climate in Wisconsin has changed, and Scott Walker’s well publicized reforms should have attracted the kind of corporations desperate to expand cheaply or start anew here. Right?

Wisconsin apparently hasn’t changed enough. Neither have all those right to work states. 
jsonline: Briggs & Stratton Co. plans to reduce its salaried workforce by about 10% this year … will affect approximately 210 employees globally. Also, the company said it was moving some engine production from Auburn, Alabama to China or elsewhere in Southeast Asia. The move will result in the loss of about 250 jobs.
Alabama is a right to work (for less) state, and is still losing jobs to China. Guess the states can’t stoop low enough. And get their reason for leaving…
Briggs blamed the cuts on market conditions.
Open for business...?


  1. Briggs has been sending jobs to southern states and to Mexico since the 70's.