Friday, April 20, 2012

Bloomberg News Reveals Truth About Walker War with Illinois.

Scott Walker is so incompetent that his big bad Democratic villain just south of the cheddar curtain, Illinois, was in retrospect, a bad example.
WI Gov. Scott Walker's tax attack on Illinois backfires. Bloomberg: "[Gov. Walker] traveled over the Illinois line to argue that the tax increase backed by his Democratic counterpart Pat Quinn is killing jobs ... [But] Illinois ranked third while Wisconsin placed 42nd in the most recent Bloomberg Economic Evaluation of States index, which includes personal income, tax revenue and employment. Illinois gained 32,000 jobs in the 12 months ending in February ... Wisconsin, where Walker promised to create 250,000 jobs with the help of business-tax breaks, lost 16,900."

Walker said in an April 17 speech in Springfield, “When you raise taxes on businesses, that wealth and opportunity and those jobs more often than not go somewhere else.”

Illinois’s economy is the fifth-largest in the U.S. while Wisconsin’s is 20th.
But the following struck me in a different way:
Charles Franklin, a political scientist who runs the Marquette Law School Poll in Milwaukee, said, “Walker will look at the poor job performance and say it’s because the recalls caused a lot of economic uncertainty. It’s like Obama saying the economy would have been in a lot worse shape without his policies. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.”
Franklin inadvertently gave me an idea; why can’t Democrats also make the argument that Ryan’s budget and Walker’s cuts to education and public employees, is also creating consumer and business uncertainty? We'd have a stronger case. After all, who caused the unrest and recall elections? It was Walker’s fault, and he should own up to it.  


  1. Correct-a-mundo- the Walker and Ryan policies are the ones holding back the economy. Look no further than Ohio, whose job numbers have taken off from November 2011- right after they rejected SB5 and its limits on collective bargaining.

    Dem candidates need to emphasize this, because you know the media doesn't have the guts to do it themselves, and a GOP apologist like Charles Franklin will try to hide the truth under some kind of fake "both sides" analysids.

  2. I didn't know that about the jobs numbers in Ohio. Thanks.