Friday, April 27, 2012

Ron Johnson voted against Violence Against Women Act.

You’d think the Violence Against Women Act would have passed easily through congress. But the real war on women continues to play itself out, all the while Republicans are in denial…
Miami Herald: But some opponents are trying to block the legislation because they fear it would broaden American Indian tribal rights and has too many protections for gay and illegal immigrant victims of violence.

MinnPost: (It) helps gays and lesbians receive domestic-abuse protections, make more temporary visas available for battered women in the United States illegally, and offer native American women more protection … (but Republicans voted) against big government and inefficient spending," said Sen. Mike Lee (R) "and a vote in favor of state autonomy and local control." Republicans led by Reps. Sandy Adams of Florida said “I can assure you that the House is not opening up the bill in controversial ways like the Senate bill does."
Controversial protections, for those who are gay, native American or are in the country illegally? They should all be punished!
The Senate voted Thursday to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act 68-31, with Wisconsin's senators splitting on the measure. U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl voted in favor of the act.
But dumb Ron Johnson?
U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson voted against the bill. The Oshkosh Republican criticized a number of GOP alternatives shot down by Dems and said in a statement that debate on the bill "was completely politicized by the Senate Democratic leadership."
Politicized? Johnson was so outraged the bill was an uncompromising, supposedly partisan piece of legislation, that he had to vote against it. What’s the matter Ron, haven’t seen how your party is running the Wisconsin state legislature under Scott Walker.  

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  1. Someone has to ask this, so I will since I have no shame. Does Ron Johnson beat his wife?