Monday, April 23, 2012

Walker congratulates himself for having "courage!"

The word "courage," must have tested through the roof with conservative focus groups.

Scott Walker's must be setting us up for a long suffocating authoritarian state. His over use of the word "courage" simply means that he will have the strength to ignore the public protests and drive his ideologically dictatorial vision of Wisconsin home.  

Wisconsin conservatives, of course, love the idea. They may not get it now, but they will when Republicans again take everybody else down with them when they fail.  

And why is he calling party headquarters a "victory center?" Sounds like something right out of Germany in the 30's. 
Waukesha Patch: Gov. Scott Walker spent his afternoon in Waukesha where he greeted and energized volunteers at the Waukesha Victory Center in the Republican County of Waukesha County headquarters, 1701 Pearl St. The volunteers cheered on the Republican governor, who spoke about his upcoming recall election.

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  1. Kept our promises? Did he promise to gut education or attack CB? NO


    I call that the actions of a political sociopath.