Friday, April 27, 2012

Ryan Flops at Georgetown University pt 2

Ed Schultz did a great job of collecting and correcting many of the comments Paul Ryan made to the Georgetown University crowd the other day.

The first clip shows Ryan bragging that he brought his own plan so he could have a fact based conversation. It's nice when Ryan's "facts" are the only ones available, huh? He suggests that mere interpretations of his budget are not to be taken seriously.

Another sick moment shows Ryan snickering to the silent crowd when he jokingly brings up Obama's "social Darwinism" comment. Not exactly a laughing matter. Was the audience gasping?

Ryan also tried to dress up his bad judgement with this snake like justification:
"I feel it's important to discuss how, as a Catholic in public life, my own personal thinking on these issues has been guided by my understanding of the churches social teaching." 
Ryan is basically turning Catholic doctrine into just another point of view, that he doesn't necessarily agree with...except when it comes to the churches opposition to insurance coverage for contraception.

And finally, this outrageous comment:
Ryan: "...government safety net programs have been stretched to the breaking point in recent years." 
Maybe we should look at what caused that "stretching" first?

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