Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Walker's job losses so large, more unemployed Wisconsinites gave up search!!!!

This should be the stake through the heart of the Walker campaign efforts to keep him in office.
Brookfield Patch: A Blow to Walker? Wisconsin Leads Nation in Job Loss: Now, rather than 250,000 jobs, Walker will need to create roughly 273,900 to fulfill his promise. According to the BLS, Wisconsin shed 23,900 jobs between March 2011 and 2012. It was the only state with a statistically significant percentage change in employment to report a net loss, the report said. According to JSOnline, public sector job losses totaled 17,800, while private sector job losses were 6,100.
JOB LOSSES/LOWER UNEMPLOYMENT: The other headline here (my headline) is the reports clarification on the disparity between the massive job losses and the lower unemployment rate. To sum it up, when job losses are so dramatic, there are no jobs, and job seekers give up looking-thus creating lower unemployment numbers. Not one mention by the Democratic candidates or media.

jsonline:The unemployment rate can drop even when the total number of jobs is flat or declining - if there's also a decline in the size of the workforce or the number of people looking for work. Economists say those factors explain a significant part of the drop in Wisconsin's unemployment rate.
HOW ODD. And Scott Walker continues to beat Barrett up over Milwaukee’s job loss numbers, even though a majority of those losses took place under Walker’s own watch as Milwaukee County Executive. Ouch!
The Republican governor's campaign said most of state’s job losses occurred in Milwaukee during Barrett’s watch. The Walker camp blamed Barrett for a 27 percent increase in unemployment in the state’s largest city.
Why haven’t Barrett or Falk mentioned that? To be fair, those job losses weren’t Barrett’s or Walker’s fault, because they were part of the Great Recession, but Walker continues to tar his opponents with his own party’s total economic crash. Sadly, it's working.

And finally, why aren't Republican/tea party voters hoppin' mad over the massive job losses? Not a peep. If anything, these losses have energized his supporters. Like I've said, it's opposite day, everyday, in Republican world.

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  1. Do you mean it creates higher unemployment? With less jobs comes a higher rate of unemployment.