Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Republican Rep. Reid Ribble on Recall: "This is true voter theft."

Thanks to Think Progress for finding the small but significant moment of conservative paranoia, the "they're stealing something from you" envy Republicans have about everything.

 To Republican Rep. Reid Ribble the recall efforts are the best example of “voter theft,” not democracy.

In this case, they're outraged over the recall election. Never mind the countless times Republicans have tried to recall Democrats in the past. This is different in some twisted way, it always is. Ribble wants to ignore the political marketplace. Voters chose to recall Walker and senate Republicans.

And Scott Walker caused the unrest, protests and recall elections. Ribble is suggesting Walker is an innocent bystanders, and supporters are lapping it up.

Ribble: "Beyond the $9 million cost of holding another election, I want you to know that this is trying to undo your vote. This is trying to steal from you your vote. You talk about voter ID? This is true voter theft.
This is a party with a movable moral and ethical center. Sometimes less, sometimes more.


  1. Walker did nothing unethical, dishonest, or illegal. No teachers were laid off--like they were in NYC--and the state discovered tins of noney had been mismanaged by the teachers' union. The attempted recall is simply an act of revenge by the neutered union.

  2. His henchmen in the legislature acted illegally of course, but had the activist conservative supreme court magically get them off. After all, their own laws don't need to be followed. Nice.

    Conservatives are obsessed with playing dirty but claiming it's legal. Yes, legal is good, but if dictatorial behavior, authoritarian policy and a no compromise one party government appeals to you, it appears it does, than doing nothing illegal is just fine and we should all feel good someone is there to discipline us when we protest (waste of time?)

    Funny thing though, he was dishonest and unethical. But there's nothing illegal about that. I hope your next on the list of crack downs in the state.