Monday, April 23, 2012

Madison #4 for e-Literacy, lots of Kindles.

Madison, the terrorist socialist hell on earth, racked up another notch in a long list of best cities to live etc...this time for its abundance of e-readers, like the Amazon Kindle. According to the Atlantic:

The Kindle Index: e-Literacy in America: To identify the most electronically literate places in America, we analyzed the Priceonomics database of eight million electronics for sale by city. We examined how prevalent the Amazon Kindle was by city to rank how popular e-reading was across the nation (we also examined Nook sales, which didn't change the results). To our surprise, the most populous and culturally-reputed cities in America did not rank among the most digitally literate.
Kindles for sale as % of total items for sale in that city

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