Monday, April 23, 2012

Green Bay Press Gazette says forget Walker failures, vote for his ideology.

If we’re to believe the Green Bay Press Gazette editorial, we should not consider the stubborn facts about the Walker economy in the last 15 months or hold him too his promise of 250,000 jobs by 2015. Instead, we should base our vote on his political ideology and credibility?
Have we gone down the rabbit hole entirely? Can we trust these people with a newspaper?
If voters are undecided about their vote in the upcoming elections, they will be wise to look beyond one month's or one year's statistics, just as they should take campaign promises with a grain of salt. The deciding factors should be political philosophy and candidate credibility, not the spin that we are fed almost daily. 


  1. If credibility is as important as philosophy, even the Press Gazette's standard of measurement would lead us to oppose Walker. He has no credibility at this point.

  2. As long as Walker is threatened with a recall nothing he wanted to do will get done. Would you invest in a state that recalls governors just to overturn elections? Until the recall is over nothing is going to happen in this state. If he is recalled nothing will happen either.

    But for some reason some people think Jim Doyle and his party did us all a favor over the last eight years of economic destruction.

    Go figure...

  3. Walker can be judged on what he has gotten done; a lot of very destructive policies and a giveaway of state assets to big outside corporations.

  4. Just to overturn elections? You really don't get it. This dictatorial style, the authoritarian no compromise system of government works for you? Really?

    Just to overturn elections? OMG. I've never heard of a business that comes to a state for a governor, unless they plan to be here only 4 years. How stable are legislatures too? Do you see how stupid that argument is? You must think the free market is filled with certainty.

    Your one party government has been tried before. But then, that's not democracy is it? Stumped?

    I thought you would be.

  5. Just drink the political sociopath's tea?

    The GBG must need some attention or advertising $.

    So just believe in him? Have faith in him? Good Lord - what is this paper smokin?

    Did they forget good journalism?

    What next? DOLAN elevates Walker to sainthood at Holy Hill?

  6. Which gubernatorial candidate in the recall has $6M more of out-of-state advertising dollars than the Democratic side of the race? Who would Gannett suppport? Notice that no person(s) on the "Editorial Board," has/have the integrity to take credit for writing the pieces and actually put their name(s) to the conservative spew.