Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Right Wing Revisionist History Documentary exposes how conservatives are "standing up to experts."

While Democrats talk of working together and making both sides happy, conservatives are militantly forging ahead with their radical agenda in the most unapologetic, in your face way.

It's hard to imagine how the Republican movement won't be the default political system in the next decade. To help their cause, school textbooks must be vessels of right wing propaganda to simply counter real world science, or what they see as liberal indoctrination by snooty  "left wing experts."

Stephen Colbert interviewed the frighteningly religious, former chair of the Texas School Board, Don McLeroy. Colbert showed the following clip that encapsulates the whole argument conservatives have against public education. Three more years under Scott Walker and Wisconsin schools boards will be making the same kind of arguments.

Here's more on the The Revisionaries" documentary:

Scott Thurman, born in Lubbock, Texas is an M.F.A. graduate in documentary film from the University of North Texas. Scott originally conceived of a documentary film about the Texas Board of Education for his thesis project "Standing Up to the Experts."

Here's the official clip of the documentary: